The Outsourcing & Shared Services and Why Choose Egypt as The Destination for Outsourcing?

The Outsourcing & Shared Services and Why Choose Egypt as The Destination for Outsourcing?

What is The Outsourcing & Shared Services Germany Forum Event?


The Outsourcing & Shared Service Germany Forum and the RPA & Smart Automation Germany Forum represent a well-founded and result-orientated dialog without commercial interest. It is an opportunity to better understand our market for optimizing IT and back-office operations via co-operations with external technology and process experts and process improvement and automation. 

It has four organizers.

Developed and organized by independent German ICT sector experts in Germany    

The German Outsourcing Association represents more than 1,000 members and regularly informs more than one million contacts on business transformation, sourcing locations, markets, etc.    

The Outsourcing Journal is an independent and non-commercial information service by the German Outsourcing Association for Germany and international markets, featuring shared knowledge from more than 500 authors.    

The German Process Automation Association is independent networking and information service representing organizations and people active or interested in business process automation in Germany and Europe.   


The Program Timeline   

Tuesday, June 7th, 2022   

ITIDA & Egyptian Embassy in Berlin invites   

Wednesday, June 8th, 2022  

Outsourcing & Shared Services + RPA & Smart Automation Germany Forum   

Wednesday, June 8th, 2022   


Evolvice GmbH will be there as one of the representatives, with Nataliia Maksymenko, the COO of Evolvice, will make her presentation about how Evolvice operates in the Egyptian market. Before it turned into a success story, there were specific challenges and lessons learned. Nataliia will share from her own experience how to make things work and why Egypt is the right choice for sourcing tech talents.



Outsourcing & Nearshoring are Rapidly Developing in Egypt   


Suppose you have to find the center of the world. In that case, it’s probably in or near Egypt. Europe is directly above the Mediterranean Sea, Africa slowly grows down, most Asia gathers on the right side, and the United States jumps across the Atlantic Ocean to the left.  

 There is no better place than Egypt for a company that offers a variety of services to clients worldwide, as in the case of outsourcing and BPO. With communication technology that enables you to work  in the most convenient locations in the world, Egypt is ready to take advantage of its geographical location and its pool of talents.



Why Choosing Egypt as The Destination for Outsourcing and Software Development?   


Egypt is well-positioned to become a leading provider of business and technology services to other countries and DX organizations particularly those in regions such as North America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa that are facing resource constraints, after establishing itself as the preferred regional outsourcing services hub for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and US, Egypt started expanding its global outsourcing footprint

As a result, Egypt’s BPO and IT offshoring industry has grown gradually, gaining a global market share. 


  Find here an overview of the reasons for it outsourcing to egypt.

Four Reasons to Choose Egypt as Your Destination for Outsourcing  


1. A Destination Full of Talents  


Egypt has a strong resource pool as the government focuses on technology education, accreditation, and research. Each year, thousands of tech graduates enter the labor market; Egypt’s extensive professional training and accreditation facilities lay the foundation for world-class talent in high-demand areas. With many speakers of English, Arabic, French, German, and many other European languages, Egypt can deal with various global features and technologies. The institutions provide students with UpToDate technologies, routinely update education and training curricula, invest in R&D, and prioritize job market demand. All institutions, including national/international universities and government ICT entities, recognize the importance of providing students with the latest technologies through formal education. The attrition rate in Egypt is also low compared with other offshoring destinations in Europe and Asia, ensuring better customer management and process continuity.  


 2. Success Stories Keep Occurring in Egypt


Success stories continue to grow in Egypt; IBM invested in six supply centers servicing worldwide, Valeo Egypt grows into Valeo’s leading software R & D center providing all automotive embedded software services, and Egypt Mentor Graphics R&D and Development Center currently employs 400 engineers. It is one of the largest centers outside the United States. In addition, Dell EMC and Microsoft Egypt have identified Egypt as one of the best places to invest and grow. 


3. The time zone 


Geographically central as a transcontinental country, Egypt is connected to many parts of the world and shares a time zone similar to Central Europe.  

Egypt benefits from being present in a time zone that is relatively closely aligned with its major markets in Western Europe. This allows for ease in handling real-time work, customer calls, or social media moderation, the bulk of which is likely to arise during daytime hours, which are similar on both the client and the provider side. 


 4. Internet and Telecommunications


The rapid advances in telecommunications technology have been the catalyst for the growth that has taken the industry to the far corners of the world and brought millions of people into the fold of the connected world. 

Egypt has an internet backbone that connects more than 60 countries over 18 routes with cable capacities up to 60 Tbps, and the infrastructure has been upgraded to stay ahead of demand.  

With a breakthrough investment law, Egypt is now gaining a competitive advantage across the region, reaching 5.6% in early 2020 and boosting economic growth in the country’s highest growth in the Middle East. Moreover, it is more open to investment.

This investment law has fueled the growth of the local ICT sector and has been able to demonstrate its resilience through the Covid 19 pandemic. Moreover, it has made Egypt’s global investors more attractive and has stimulated demand from global companies that have chosen Egypt as a reliable offshoring destination and hub for business services. Based on this momentum, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has launched the Digital Egypt Strategy 2022-2026 for the offshoring industry to put the sector on a higher growth trajectory.   


  Employers working at Evolvice GmbH offices


Egypt has become a significant outsourcing destination by enhancing its existing business environment and fostering a better investment climate. Egypt is rich in human resources, especially in knowledge-based industries. Thanks to the nearshoring and outsourcing in Egypt, with its advanced level of technical expertise, it is an ideal place for international companies looking for global expansion.   


Evolvice GmbH has been in the Egyptian market for nearshoring software development for our years in the outsourcing service for ten years, while working on more than 50 projects; with our broad expertise and exceptionally talented employees, Evolvice has helped businesses grow whether they want to expand their in-house team or get a fully customized software solution.   


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