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Develop customized applications to automate your business processes and digitize workflows

Power platform is a suite of apps, connectors and BI that provides companies with the needed tools to quickly build custom business apps.
Evolvice is a Microsoft Gold certified partner company that will provide your organization with guidance and expertise to leverage PowerApps in creating tailored business applications. Through our PowerApps developers will handle all the analysis, design, development, testing and implementation for providing quality-tested professional applications for your business.

Automate process and increase business efficiency with Power platform


Enhance business productivity with powerful apps designed to automate your manual workflows. Power Automate along with it’s hundreds connectors available allows seamless integration with existing applications and services for syncing files, getting notifications and collecting data.


Empower your business decisions through gathering data from on-premises and cloud sources for building dashboards and reports that provide real time insights to employees and stakeholders to drive enhanced business results.


Build intellectual chatbots to engage with your customers and employees and answer their queries 24/7 chat. Power Virtual Agent platform provides the bot’s necessary tool.


In the end you will receive a complete product that can be used immediately. We help you bring your product to market.

Benefits of using a Microsoft Power platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of robust applications that when integrated with Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and various other standalone apps can create end-to-end business solutions.

Design and develop Responsive out of the box applications that are innovative, scalable, and cost-effective, ensuring users have a uniform experience

Build feature-rich, scalable applications with user friendly interfaces using low code, drag-and-drop functionality and can be easily integrated to easily share and collaborate on these solutions with others.

Our services

Analyze and consult

Our PowerApps talent will work with you to analyze your business process and workflows challenges to define the scope and determining on canvas app or model driven app for a rapid development of an application that is tailored to your business needs.

Implementation and integration

Connect with an experienced PowerApps developer to design your app with a modern UI and UX, , automate a manual process or improve an existing app along with seamless integration with systems by using a set of custom connectors to extend your business capabilities

BI capabilities and analytics

Our PowerApps developers will help you build customized reports and dashboards to help align your process with modern digital trends and empower your business decisions.

Support and maintenance

Our team will not just help build your custom app, but we also provide you as-you-go support kind of services with data sources integration and training business users along with skill sets of configurations.

We have a solution customized for your needs, goals, and budget.

Microsoft Power platform dedicated team


 Are you in need of a PowerApps developer to expand your team? As a Microsoft Partner, we offer short and long-term Tech talents . We will  provide you with experienced PowerApps developers through our development hubs.

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Microsoft Power platform custom solution


 Not sure where to start? We will work with you to design a tailored solution for your PowerApps needs? Work with an experienced PowerApps team to design, automate a workflow or improve an existing app.

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