Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing and Remote Teams

Tech Talents

Can’t find qualified personnel? The lack of skilled employees threatens your business.


Expand your internal capacities with remote employees!
Thanks to digitalization and a great number of tools, today it is possible to work from almost any location.


At our nearshore development hubs in Egypt, Ukraine, and Portugal, we provide you with IT and engineering specialists who will become a part of your internal team and your organization.


The specialists are handpicked through our recruitment process and work exclusively for you. As a customer, you have full control over how you want to manage your team.

3-15 Employees

average team size

4-8 weeks

until your team or your specialists are ready to go

1+ years

recommended duration of cooperation

+/- Employees

flexibility in increasing and decreasing team size


Software Developers

Software Testers

Project Managers, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters and Product Owners

System Administrators and DevOps

UX/UI Designers

CAD Engineers

Our services – What we do

With the remote team model, we pursue a long-term and strategic approach to secure development capacity – on your terms.


Our recruiters are well connected. We’ll find the right candidates for your team in less than a month. You decide who you want to work with and on what terms.


You use our infrastructure and business premises – this guarantees efficient administration and optimal integration of resources into your team. You don’t need to worry about anything.


We support you in all administrative tasks in personnel area, such as employment contracts, social insurance and payrolls.

Constant support

Our on-site support team helps establish an active and familiar working culture so that your team members feel comfortable. If you need additional support, we’ll find a solution.



Customer-oriented recruitment

We only start the recruitment process after clarifying your requirements. You are in charge of the selection of candidates.

Direct communication

The remote team communicates directly with you. No third party, no misunderstanding.


The IT specialists and engineers are familiar with a great number of tools and have extensive skills and experience.

Calculable costs

You pay compensation for the salaries of the employees and a fixed monthly service fee for our services.


Change the size of your team up or down depending on your requirements. Visit us on our locations at any time or invite your specialists to join you.


The specialists will be ready and start working for you in less than a month.

How we do it

Requirement analysis

Who are you looking for and for what project? What qualifications are required?

Candidate search

Our well networked recruiters quickly find suitable candidates based on your specifications.


We will present you with a preselection and you will get to know the candidates.

Decision making

In the end you decide who suits you and who will become part of your team.

Start of work

We take care of organizational steps so that the specialists can start work as fast as possible.

We get to know your needs and work together as partners.
We find qualified professionals for you!
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