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Quick Facts

  • Offering IT Services Since 2001
  • 15+ years of software development experience
  • Headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany
  • Development hub in Kiev, Ukraine
  • 70+ employees (as of 2016)

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About Us

Evolvice GmbH is a software development service provider based in Stuttgart with a development center in Kiev, Ukraine.

Until 2012 Evolvice was a part of a company co-founded in 2001 by the current managing partner, Stefan Nesselhauf. In 2012 Evolvice had spun off into a separate company, originally called “pixabit solutions GmbH”. In 2016, the company finally adopted its current name, Evolvice GmbH.

Founded in Germany, the company has expanded internationally with its first overseas location in Slovakia in 2007, followed up by another software development center in Kiev in 2010. We are German owned and managed, but offer the advantages of a nearshore service provider.

Evolvice Team GmbH offers remote software development teams and software professional relocation services.

Together, Evolvice GmbH and Evolvice Team GmbH form the Evolvice Group of companies, the leader among German nearshore providers with development centers in Ukraine.

With nearly 70 employees across all locations now, we count well-known German and international companies and organizations such as the Robert Bosch GmbH, Porsche AG, the WTS AG as well as projects at Deutsche Post AG / DHL, Axel Springer, Xyrality and other corporations and SMEs as our valued “old economy” and “new economy” customer references.

Questions and Answers

Who is Evolvice For?

We typically work with enterprise customers to develop software for large European companies whose primary operations are not IT-related. We welcome even relatively short fixed-price product development projects and hope to impress our customers enough to become the software services provider of choice. We also help European companies find, recruit and relocate full-time experienced IT employees from Ukraine to their home office.

What Makes Evolvice Different?

While we aren’t a large company, our founder Stefan Nesselhauf and our employees share a passion for working directly with project managers and end users specifically within the enterprise sector. Being flexible and not bureaucratic helps us build very proactive enterprise software development teams for with whom we and our customers enjoy working together.

How Can You Offer a Better Value?

Evolvice is a German company with a development hub in Ukraine, where we have a deep understanding of the software development culture, which helps us create greater value for the money compared to alternative options available to our customers. We know how to work with enterprise customers, enjoy working specifically in this niche and as a result have valuable experience to share with similar potential customers.

What Does the Company Name Mean?

“Evolvice” is an artificial word that combines the Latin verb “evolvere” (meaning: to develop, to expand, to grow) with the English word “service”. We think that the word combination is a memorable way to describe our mission to be a flexible software development company that can always offer a relevant and useful service to our customers so that we could become better and “evolve” together.

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