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Looking for remote 2D and 3D design workers? We provide Computer-Aided Design talents from Ukraine and integrate them into your in-house team. Flexible, reliable, with German quality.

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CAD engineers
Programs & Tools

CAD engineers from Ukraine are highly skilled and know how to work with the most popular and widely used CAD

tools like CATIA, SolidWorks, AutoCAD and Siemens NX.

Why staffing your CAD team with

Ukrainian engineers?

Skill-set of Ukrainian specialists

Qualified workforce with high educational level and English language skills

Geographical location

Attractive nearshoring destination for European countries, within short distance from the customer

Competitive salaries

Average Ukrainian market salaries are 50% less than European salaries

Mind-set of Ukrainians

Willingness to work remotely on international projects

Demand in job opportunities

2D and 3D design specialists are looking for employment opportunities outside of the Ukrainian manufacturing sector

Use of CAD programs

Ukrainian CAD engineers have a lot of experience with CATIA, SolidWorks, AutoCAD or Siemens NX


Remote work is in DNA of Ukrainian engineers.

Since the last decade, Ukraine became one of the most

attractive IT services outsourcing destinations of the world.


Ukrainian engineering has a strong tradition.

Ukraine has a strong machine engineering positioning due to achievements done in manufacturing of transportation vehicles and spacecraft during USSR times.

Nowadays, international companies has opened subsidiaries in Ukraine, mainly producing consumer electronics or car spare parts.

In cooperation with EU and China markets many technical drawings were made for export in the last years.

The outsourcing of CAD engineering is becoming an increasingly important factor of the Ukrainian economy.

We offer you access
to CAD engineers

Evolvice is an outsourcing company and service provider with headquarters in Stuttgart (Germany) and branches in Ukraine and Egypt.


Since 2012 we have been active in Ukraine, successfully implemented an efficient German management culture, including expertise in knowledge of the Ukrainian market culture and economy.


We help you to find your 3D and 2D design specialists and integrate them into your in-house team.

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How we


Consultation and requirements analysis

Interviews and selection of CAD engineers

Offer and contract

Process support and integration of CAD engineers

Regular feedback, integration support and HR management

Why you should
work with us

You will cooperate with a company that is strongly positioned on the market.

You benefit from our large network of Computer-Aided Design talents.

Our recruitment team has many years of experience, assisting and consulting you on any request.

We find the right candidates for your CAD project within less than one month.

We provide an open and transparent employee cost calculation.

We provide an open and transparent employee cost calculation.

Our contracts offer a high degree of flexibility with a notice period of 1 month.

You use our infrastructure, tools and environment, so that efficient management and integration of resources into your team are guaranteed.

We support you with HR department assistance.

We find the right candidates for your CAD project within less than one month.

Last but not least, we know the meaning of “remote work” – you profit from our experience and best-practices.

Handling fee
includes coverage

Office space and supply

Recruitment and HR management

Back office team support

Financial and accounting support for the employees

Medical insurance and sport activities reimbursement

Travel support

You get a high degree of flexibility

through fast availability of 3D and 2D design engineers and defined duration of the engagement, as well as complete cost control.

Our pricing model
Your costs consist of

The compensation for the salary of the CAD engineer

A fixed monthly handling fee

We provide more than just CAD services!

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