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Learn how your business can benefit from the enhanced software and the right people to accelerate your work progress.

Application Development

Improve your business operations. Connect seamlessly your business with customers, vendors and other important associates by implementing digital transformations. We will work with you to understand your operational processes, determine best technology for business application development and build innovative digital solution in form of a custom application.

QA Services

We offer a full range of software quality assurance services. With both manual QA and automated testing, our experienced QA testers make sure your software solutions fully meet your needs. We carry out pure test projects for customers and support our own development projects. We ensure the quality, performance, and success of the product by rigid testing on all stages of the application lifecycle.

Application Support

Expand the longevity and relevance of your enterprise applications by sustaining them with support and maintenance. Our technical experts will ensure your software runs smooth and effectively. We help you launch your product, deploy and integrate the new solution into your infrastructure, monitor health and stability of the systems and provide you with accurate solution in time.


DevOps is a combination of a mindset and tools that help companies deliver services faster and easier. Our DevOps work with you to create your IT architecture, modify applications to cope with changes in the software environment, to meet new user requirements, and to ensure greater reliability. Our maintenance activities include error correction, enhancements of capabilities and optimization. As a result, products can be developed and improved in less time. This speed advantage allows you to better serve your customers and become more effective in the marketplace.

Nearshore Development

Expand your development capabilities and your technical expertise with a dedicated nearshore team. We will establish a team of software professionals. Your development team possesses more cost-efficiency and shares the same cultural commonalities with your business. Our benefits comprise the optimum cost/quality ratio and a growing talent pool of software engineers.

MVP and Prototyping

If you need to trial and test your product features, you may want to develop an early prototype of your product and show it to your users. A prototype is not a fully developed product, but a selection of essential core functions to validate the product benefits. With the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) we can quickly test different product theses and adapt them dynamically and iteratively. The results of the analyses allow you to decide with much greater certainty whether or not your new service appeals to your customers, or internally to the company.


Discover how web, mobile, desktop application can help you advance your business processes.


Evolvice provides full stack services to deliver web applications that support businesses, available online to millions of users. Our clients may profit from expert web application development and web design services provided by our developers. We offer a variety of website design and development services based on the latest and proven web technologies.


We build high-performance consumer and enterprise mobile solutions to enable businesses empower their workforce, improve productivity, and provide better products to customers. We create native iOS and Android mobile applications so you can reach your customers on their favourite devices. Going mobile will help your business to keep with evergrowing demand of modern society.


Hybrid apps combine characteristics of native and web-based applications. Hybrid App Development shares the same core code for different platforms which results in the faster and cheaper development process. All platforms gain new features for hybrid development at the same time, providing all users with the same experience.


Due to thorough understanding of the desktop operating systems architecture our developers are able to provide the full cycle of the desktop application development services needed to meet the most complex requirements. Our maintenance services will supply you with solution tailored according to the changes of your business.

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Evolvice develops Microsoft ASP.NET, WPF and .NET Core-based enterprise solutions with C# as well as JavaScript / Angular / React based web experiences and Ionic hybrid and native mobile applications.


Find out how Evolvice enables companies digital evolution through application development.

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