Work-Life Balance

We have a vibrant and unique work environment. As the balance is what we expect in our lives, flexible working hours, fun activities, benefits, trips, modern offices, and the celebrations we have are just part of the equation – the other part is you.


You will be free to make your mark by working hard, building technologies that make people’s lives easier and happier, and solving complex problems while enjoying your interests in the wider world.

We are

With more than 10 years of experience, we have gathered many highly skilled specialists and project managers in IT, software development, software testing, and CAD engineering.


We encourage you! Apply to our position to try yourself out and join our team. We will be happy to have you onboard!

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We erase cultural boundaries to reach perfection.


Everyone's involved and everyone has their impact.

Passion and Enthusiasm

We let our love and excitement for work influence the process and the outcome.


We are always open to new challenges and constant improvement.


We are honest and committed to the client, always offering win-win cooperation

Our Culture

It is characterized by agile processes, autonomous teams without hierarchies, and openness and transparency – internally and with our clients.


While working in small teams with a family atmosphere, we believe that services can be provided in a people-centered way without sacrificing quality.


We maintain long-term customer relationships and work hard to develop technologies that make people´s lives easier.
By bringing talents from different countries together, we unite the best of various cultures to achieve excellence.

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Mariia Lituta

Recruitment Lead / Operations Manager (Europe)

Hadeer ElHennawy

Recruitment Lead / Operations Manager (Middle East)

Nouran Sami

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
(Middle East)

Hanna Korniienko

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Mostafa Adel

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
(Middle East)

Doha Mohammed

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
(Middle East)

Shady Mohamed

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
(Middle East)

Bassant Fayez

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
(Middle East)

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