.NET Developers from Egypt and Ukraine: Benefits of Nearshore Services

.NET Developers from Egypt and Ukraine: Benefits of Nearshore Services

.NET Developers from Egypt and Ukraine: Benefits of Nearshore Services

Evolvice has been focusing on .NET development since its foundation in 2012. That’s why our in-house team of experts has extensive experience in this area. We are proud to be a Microsoft Gold partner, which is a testament to our commitment and expertise with the .NET stack.

Our developers have worked with multiple .NET platforms and tools, from ASP.NET Core MVC to Azure cloud services. No matter what project you require, we can provide effective and reliable solutions using our proven Microsoft stack of technologies.

What Defines a Skilled .NET Software Developer?

As experienced .NET software developers, we at Evolvice know the skills and qualifications needed to excel in this role. Hence, we provide you with the best candidates possible for the project. How can you be sure that we choose the right people? Learn yourself what defines a skilled .NET software developer below.

Technical skills

When finding a software team, please pay close attention to its technical expertise.

C# Expertise

Regarding creating .NET apps, C# is now one of the most popular languages in terms of usage and support. A firm grasp of LINQ, async features, and Object Oriented programming ideas is crucial. Some key concepts in Object Oriented Programming include encapsulation, abstraction, and overloading. Expertise with Visual Studio development is also required, as C# is written in this environment.

Fluency in the.NET framework

Familiarity with the .NET framework is a must for any competent .NET developer. To successfully construct a solution, one must thoroughly understand the framework’s capabilities. A solid version of the .NET Framework Runtime and the .NET Framework Class Library is essential.

Familiarity with databases

Both back-end and front-end developers need a solid understanding of databases and SQL. It will be helpful not just for coding but also for testing and correcting bugs.

SCRUM mastery

SCRUM is an agile methodology for creating, delivering, and supporting complex software. Any competent software engineer should be familiar with SCRUM and Agile development concepts.

Knowledge of systems development life cycle

The SDLC is a framework for organizing, planning, and managing the steps in creating an IT system. The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is adaptable to projects of any size and scope. The life cycle describes the steps necessary to create working software. A firm grasp of this idea helps developers do their job more effectively.


Roslyn is a library that analyzes and compiles C# code. Developers rely on it to create and examine C# code for bugs and other problems. This system provides access to libraries of application programming interfaces (APIs), facilitating deeper integration with other systems. Apart from supporting on-demand code examination, it details the code’s origins.

Soft skills

Even though technical skills come first, don’t overlook soft skills when outsourcing .NET developers.

Clear communication

An essential quality for any developer to have is good communication. Programmers need strong communication skills to express their ideas and persuade others to embrace them successfully.

Critical thinking

A critical mind can objectively examine an issue or situation and draw reasonable conclusions. Essential skills include issue recognition, data evaluation, conclusion formulation, and presentation.


Another vital quality for any professional in the corporate world is problem-solving. Software engineers must be able to see issues and develop novel answers that satisfy everyone concerned.


Managing one’s time wisely is a must-have skill for any professional in the business world. The ability to set priorities, manage time effectively, and complete assignments on time are essential.

Always being up-to-date

The power of .NET is in how well it responds to new conditions. This is why the framework has maintained its value over time. Being aware of recent changes to .NET is a must. Make sure your partners are attentive and eager to learn new information at all times.

What defines a skilled .NET software developer?

Mistakes to Avoid When Finding .NET Developers

When evaluating potential employees, having a clear idea of the specific hard and soft abilities you are looking for is helpful. But there are several blunders you should try to avoid at all costs, and doing so will make your experience much more positive.

Going to freelance websites

Let’s assume you’re convinced that using these platforms to find .NET Developers would provide you with the most competent candidates. Then you’re in for a big shock!

Developers with average abilities and little experience tend to work there. Of course, you can also find their skilled people, though often you can see the real expertise only after work has started. Giving your project to someone who lacks the necessary knowledge and skills is a recipe for disaster. By choosing a company instead of a freelancer, you get a different level of safety and reliability.

We know the talent market well since Evolvice has offices in Egypt, Ukraine, and Portugal with local recruitment teams. Our specialists are familiar with all the job boards and regional platforms, plus we can easily collect feedback from former peers or employers.

Hence, with Evolvice, you will avoid all the potential troubles caused by finding freelance developers.

Putting cultural compatibility aside

Finding a developer who has all the necessary talents is excellent, but it’s a big mistake to ignore if they’ll fit in with the team. As such, you should consider whether the application you’ve chosen will work well with others and readily embrace the company’s mission and values.

At Evolvice, we are aware of existing cultural differences and actively work on diminishing them. For example, we have workshops for our employees, helping them understand different cultural backgrounds and communicate effectively with colleagues from other countries. Recently, we have started partnering with the experts from Goethe Institute so they teach our staff how to organize smooth communication at work.

Selecting those with the lowest rates

As a business or an entrepreneur, you should only make reasonable investments. If you’re looking for a developer, choosing one with lower rates might be tempting. However, developers‘ salaries reflect their skills, dedication, and expertise. Because of this, you shouldn’t find a developer based on how affordable they are; you need to weigh all your options.

Our company doesn’t have the lowest rates on the market, and it’s obvious why. Everyone employed at Evolvice has a tremendous educational background and invested considerable money into their professional development.

Fast-paced tech interviewing

Perhaps you need to rapidly bring on .NET Developers to kick off the creation of your program. But be aware; haste can burn resources, so don’t throw caution to the wind.

It’s best to keep your cool and list technical and soft qualities to examine while recruiting developers. To make a good choice, you should also develop a list of questions connected to these talents and ask them all.

Our engineers and project managers are always happy to answer all your questions, no matter how long it takes. We want to ensure you don’t have any concerns left before starting a partnership with us.

Restricting your interaction with programmers

There are several reasons startups and established businesses choose to work with in-house software engineers. Some examples include speaking the same language and having a shared work environment. Despite popular belief, there are certain drawbacks to this choice.

The biggest drawback is missing out on highly skilled .NET programmers who may be working in a different part of the world. We recommend that you keep your options open and consider employing ASP.NET developers from anywhere in the world.

We employ talents regardless of location because professional expertise is our top priority. At Evolvice, you can find experienced workers from Portugal, Ukraine, Germany, Egypt, and other countries.

Initial assumptions based on the application

There’s no denying that a candidate’s résumé might look impressive and entice you to find them, but you shouldn’t base your decision only on that document. Candidates often distort their resumes with misleading data to get the attention of managers.

If you don’t know the individual well, it’s best to reserve judgment until you do. It’s preferable to avoid forming any impressions of partners before meeting with them for the interview.

Evolvice always gets involved in thorough client interviews, demonstrating our hands-on experience and practical knowledge. During the conversation, we showed our understanding of the upcoming project and presented similar cases we worked on. This way, you can base your decision on facts, not just papers.

Overemphasizing the value of technical skills

Hard skills are essential and sometimes even more valued than soft ones. However, basing your judgment purely on technical knowledge would be a mistake.

Recruiting talented programmers who cannot effectively convey their ideas to management, coworkers, and customers is a nightmare. What if your pick breaks down or can’t handle the stress of app development? Because of this, you need to evaluate them on hard skills and their soft skills competency.

At Evolvice, we pay much attention to developing the soft skills of our employees. We provide regular workshops and weak skill assessments for each team member, so you can be sure that their technical expertise is not everything we can offer.

What to Look for in a .NET Software Development Company?

Below is a brief .NET developers‘ guide to finding the most suitable partner for your business.

1. Assess competence

When you have narrowed down your choices to a few companies, it’s time to check over their portfolios. Assessing a software development firm’s previous work is an excellent way to learn about the quality of its services.

Once you have determined that the company’s services are a good fit, you should examine its reputation. For example, Evolvice has maintained its positive reputation on the market for over ten years; check it out yourself. What’s more, we have over 350 development projects under our belt.

Searching for testimonials on sites like Clutch, Facebook, and Linkedin is a simple way to do it. In particular, platforms similar to Clutch are helpful since they require clients to write their reviews and verify the author by, for example, calling them to ask follow-up questions.

2. Check a tech stack

When it comes to the technology stack: the less, the better; learn what to look for in a software development company by analyzing their technologies. Given those above, an organization with 50 developers is unlikely to have experts in dozens of technologies. That’s why Evolvice is focused mainly on .NET development, and it might be a key factor for you if you want to create a front end in that framework.

Be wary of the business whose homepage is covered in logos for various technologies like Ruby on Rails, PHP, Node.js, and.NET. Remember, one can’t possibly master ten different languages.

3. Pay attention to communication

If your external team of developers can communicate what they want from you and what you expect from them, you’ll be able to find them more quickly and at a lower cost. Eighty percent of IT teams, including those at Evolvice, use agile development practices such as daily standups, sprints, and a consistent definition of done.

It is common practice for businesses to conclude each weekly or biweekly cycle with an evaluation of the product. Teams get a sense of urgency and are more motivated weekly due to these sessions.

We give our employees intercultural training at the Goethe Institute to improve their communication skills and to understand each other’s cultures,

4. Pick the right location

Conversation in English is essential today, so you won’t have to worry about miscommunications. It would be best to have a business that would work with you as a partner, providing advice and actual development work.

Find individuals who can think outside the box and communicate well. If you’re from a place with a vastly different culture, you should seriously consider whether or not you should go offshore. It would be best if you preferred IT nearshoring, with Evolvice having its offices in Egypt, Ukraine, and Portugal.

It’s well-known that most developers from those areas are fluent in English so you won’t face communication difficulties while doing nearshore software development to them. MWhat’soreover, they are familiar with Western-European mentality and share common values with technologically advanced countries like Germany, France, etc.

What to Look for in a .NET Software Development Company?

So Where to Outsource .NET Developers?

The market is flooded with .NET development companies since this framework is one of the most popular nowadays. However, nearshoring .NET developers is not that easy despite various offers. Why? Because very few partners are considered reliable.

If you contact us to develop a software solution for your business, you can be confident that we ensure smooth communication, high expertise, and excellent outcomes.