We help you design, create, and run software solutions for
enterprise applications or simple mobile app development.

You entrust us – we provide you with a complete solution

according to your needs.

With this cooperation model, we take responsibility for implementing your ideas and requirements and provide you with a solution. The combination of more than 10 years of experience and a large network of IT specialists makes Evolvice a perfect partner.


With around 50 employees, we are small enough to develop fast and flexibly, and large enough to implement complex requirements.


In our development hubs in Egypt, Ukraine, and Portugal, we scale flexibly and cost-effectively – without any loss on quality.

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From websites and mobile applications to

Complex Enterprise Solutions.

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Working together with us is a partnership project. The end result is a technical solution that improves your business processes and connects you seamlessly with customers, suppliers, employees, and business partners.


We work with you to understand your operational processes and identify the best technology for a high-quality, innovative business solution.


Our field of expertise is wide enough to offer almost any specification and software development solution.

Software Development

We develop an innovative, custom software solution for you, according to your requirements and restrictions.

MVP and Prototyping

Do you want to know whether your application meets the needs of your customers or your company? We quickly test and iteratively adapt product theses.

QA Services

We offer a full range of testing and quality assurance services. Manual or test Automation process to ensure that the quality and performance of your applications reflect top standards.


DevOps makes it faster and easier to deploy applications. This speed advantage allows you to better serve your customers and become more competitive.


With us as your partner, you get full transparency about the software development process, costs and progress of your project.


We turn your ideas into powerful solutions and applications which bring real value to your company, increasing revenues and utilizing your internal resources more efficiently.


We take over the project and team management, you focus on your core business. We are responsible for delivery of a ready-to-use software solution.

Best Practices

For over a decade, we have been developing software solutions for our customers and have elaborated the know-how, which evolves year by year. We guarantee you fast and easy access to best practices and cutting-edge technologies.

No Infrastructure and Know-How Required

You don't have to build your own infrastructure for development. Moreover, you don't even need to understand anything about software development.

Worldwide Access

You have access to skills, experience and expertise worldwide through our large network of partners and IT specialists.


& more!

Discover how Evolvice can help you with web, mobile, and desktop
applications to enhance your business processes.

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Evolvice offers a variety of website, design, and development services based on the latest and best-in-class web technologies. With our full-stack service, we provide powerful web applications and cloud-based business software solutions which are available to your users online.


As a Microsoft .NET Gold Partner, Evolvice has proven expertise thanks to a team of certified developers.
Azure with C# and ASP.NET are our key technologies.


Our UI/UX specialists support you with the design and development of your web application. React.JS and Angular are our choices for front-end development. In addition to the .NET platform, we use PHP, Java, and Node.JS as back-end technologies.



In hybrid application development, we use the same core code for different platforms. This results in a faster and cheaper development process. All platforms receive new features simultaneously, providing users with the same experience.

Evolvice uses Ionic to create hybrid and progressive web apps based on HTML5, CSS, Sass, and Angular. In addition, we develop cross-platform apps with Flutter. As a Microsoft Gold .NET partner, we also have expertise with Xamarin for cross-platform mobile applications.



Evolvice draws on expertise and specialists for native app development. For iOS, we develop high-performance native mobile applications with Objective-C or Swift. For Android, we use Java and Kotlin.


This enables you to reach your customers on their preferred devices, offer better products, or increase productivity in your company.



With a comprehensive understanding of the desktop operating systems architecture, Evolvice can provide applications that meet the most complex requirements.


We develop desktop applications with C# under WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) for different .NET versions, from .NET 3. x, .NET Core, and .NET 5. In addition to software maintenance for existing WPF applications and WPF desktop solutions, we also offer other services, such as migration to .NET 5 or Entity Framework Core Migration.