7 Benefits of Staffing with Relocation Support

Staffing with Relocation

7 Benefits of Staffing with Relocation Support

Have you spent months searching for the perfect candidate and still no results? Of course a remote specialist can be a solution, this is what any nearshore company would answer. But what if remote is not an option? What if person is needed onsite, in the office?
If this resonates with you, keep reading – this blog is for you.

Listening to customers‘ requests, Evolvice has naturally arrived at a new solution to the local hiring challenge – Staffing with Relocation Support. With this service, we help companies expand their local teams by finding the necessary talents at our locations and bringing them to the customers‘ countries. With that, we cover full cycle of actions to be done:

  • consulting about different markets and possibilities,
  • recruitment processes and technical assessment,
  • support with the relocation itself (visa, documents, insurance etc),
  • support with training for successful integration,
  • possibility to have


Discover the world

Where to find the perfect talent? The whole world is in your hands. Staffing with Relocation Support will allow you to find a suitable candidate for relocation to your side, reducing administrative burdens and focusing on quick adaptation and integration.

Don’t limit your business opportunities to your location. Exceptional talent exists elsewhere and can be relocated to join your team with Staffing for Relocation from Evolvice.

Attract and retain the best talents

Receive a comprehensive and personalized solution to your issue. On our part, we ensure that each stage of the recruitment and relocation process is handled with expertise and attention to detail. This approach leads to a unique experience for customers, starting from the initial market analysis to the final onboarding of the candidate.

Let’s consider the benefits of Evolvice’s solution for you:


Market overview and consultancy

Detailed market reviews: A thorough market review and consultancy will ensure that the recruitment strategy is aligned with current market trends and customer requirements. For a deeper understanding of the market and identification of ideal candidates – this is the perfect strategy.

Dedicated Team of Recruiters and Account Managers

Personalized service: A specialized team of recruiters and account managers closely collaborate with customers to understand their specific needs. This approach guarantees a personalized recruitment process, leading to the perfect match for employing effective staffing solutions.

Evolvice helps establish a structured recruitment process, providing organizational support, planning, and joint interview conducting. The recruitment process becomes more efficient, effective, and pleasant.

Qualified Candidate Sourcing

Access to a large talent pool: Imagine having access to a database of 500,000 specialists and external resources. Yes, Evolvice is capable of providing the most qualified candidates within the stipulated timeframe. A wide range of choices with a 100% guarantee of meeting the customer’s requirements.

Deep HR Interviews

Comprehensive evaluation: Candidates undergo deep HR interviews to assess their competencies, soft skills, language proficiency, and other relevant details. Only the most suitable candidates are presented to customers. Right on target.

Assistance in Offer Negotiations and Onboarding

Seamless transition: The Evolvice team assists in negotiations regarding offers and provides support in determining the start date and onboarding processes, taking into account cultural nuances and common expectations. An easy transition for both the employer and the new employee.

Technical Pre-Assessment of IT and Technical Specialists on Demand

Targeted expertise and seamless relocation: Evolvice provides a vital service in the form of pre-assessment for IT and technical specialists on demand. This is an integral part of the relocation process, especially for pre-selected candidates relocating, for example, from Egypt to the European Union or the UK.

In simple terms, the technical pre-assessment guarantees that candidates are not only professionally competent but also possess specific technical skills necessary for their new roles.

Moreover, candidates can begin their trial period remotely at one of Evolvice’s locations. This allows you to ensure that relocation is the right decision before making a full commitment.

Intercultural training to support candidate’s integration

At Evolvice, we offer an internal training center, Evolvice Academy. Before a candidate relocates to the customer’s location and becomes their employee, we can organize intercultural training sessions. These sessions support the candidate’s integration into the new working environment and society.

Other Benefits:

  • Attract Top Talent: Expand your candidate pool beyond geographical limitations and find the best fit for your EU or GCC team.
  • Faster Hiring: Fill open positions quickly with our efficient recruitment and relocation process.
  • Reduced Costs: Avoid the high costs and complexities of managing relocation yourself.
  • Diverse & Stronger Teams: Build a team with a wider range of skills and perspectives, fostering innovation and growth.

Are you looking for the best IT and technical talents worldwide and need assistance in their seamless relocation?

Evolvice is your reliable partner in this challenge.

Thanks to Staffing with Relocation Support, you will quickly and effectively integrate international talents, improving business metrics and rapid staff growth. Such an approach allows you to create strong, diverse, and adaptive teams ready to meet the challenges of a globalized world.

Do not let geographical boundaries limit your access to the best talents! Evolvice helps companies build strong, successful teams with our Staffing with Relocation Support service. Contact us today!

Contact us today to learn more about how our services can benefit your company. Let us help you build a stronger, more diverse, and technically competent team.