10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Ukrainian Cad Engineers For Your Team

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Ukrainian Cad Engineers For Your Team

Are you looking for 2D and 3D design workers? You need qualified CAD engineers for your team or department, but there are generally not enough skilled workers in your region. Engineers can be found elsewhere, but they don’t want to move and work in structurally weak or rural regions. They’re more drawn to metropolitan areas or large enterprises.


You are, for sure, not the only one who has this problem. Many companies are affected, and the shortage of skilled workers threatens their competitiveness and business. One solution that few people know about is that there are many engineers in Ukraine who are willing to work for foreign companies and who have excellent technical qualifications.


In the following we name 10 reasons why it is a good and profitable idea to hire a Ukrainian CAD engineer to work side by side with your in-house team and support your CAD projects.


1. Large Talent Pool

Engineering lies within the DNA of Ukraine. Not only are Ukrainian specialists in high demand for outsourcing projects, especially for IT services, but more than 150.000 engineers are working in Ukraine.[1]


2. Constant stream of skilled workers

Ukraine has a strong educational base, with more than 650 higher education institutions, where around 1.5 million students have graduated from in the 2018/2019 academic year. And every year there are on average 400,000 graduates in Ukraine, about 130.000 of those graduate in IT and engineering. So, there is a steadily growing number of young professionals looking for employment opportunities.[2]


10 reasons to hire Ukrainian CAD engineers


3. Competitive salaries and low personnel expenses

A key advantage of outsourcing CAD engineering to Ukraine are the low personnel costs. It offers competitive salaries, which are in average 50% less than European salaries.


4. Proximity

Both geographically and culturally Ukraine is close to middle western European countries. Also, the time difference is only one hour, so close cooperation with Ukrainian CAD engineers is easy.


5. Highly qualified workforce

Ukraine is one of the top 10 countries for engineering, manufacturing, and construction graduates. Its universities are becoming more open and international. The qualified Ukrainian workforce enjoys a high level of education.[3]


6. Communication skills

Most engineers in Ukraine have intermediate or higher skills in English. In other words, a strong knowledge of English enables the cooperation between foreign companies and Ukrainians.


7. Mind-set

Highly skilled Ukrainians are willing and openminded to work remotely for foreign companies. They are focused on international experience and looking for employment opportunities outside of the Ukrainian businesses.


8. Experience with CAD programs and tools

Since there are CAD engineers of all ages in Ukraine, they offer a wide skillset especially in CAD programs. They have a lot of experience with CATIA, SolidWorks, AutoCAD or Siemens NX.


9. Longstanding tradition in machine engineering

Ukraine has a strong machine engineering positioning due to achievements done in manufacturing of transportation vehicles and spacecraft during USSR times. Those traditions carry on to the current work of the engineers.


10. No time-consuming recruiting

Suitable candidates are found quickly as there are always engineers on the market looking for a job or a new opportunity. Due to the short cancellation period of working contracts, the time between job interview and first working day is comparatively short.


If you are interested in extending your own team with Ukrainian engineers, you can contact us and we would be happy to tell you more about the opportunities in Ukraine.


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