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We are Evolvice Group

Evolvice Group is a technology service provider offering IT resources that help transform businesses

Even in Ukraine, we work in accordance with German standards, a transparent approach, an agile mindset – offering software development and IT recruitment for enterprises and startups.

For short-term project needs, we offer fixed-price and rate card projects in ASP.NET, AngularJS and a variety of technologies.

For longer-term needs, we help build or expand software development teams by relocating experienced professionals from Ukraine to your office in Germany or by assembling your development team inside our hub in Kyiv.

Quick Facts about the Evolvice Group

  • Enterprise Project and Technology implementation partner since 2001 with a focus on ASP.NET and expertise in .NET and Java
  • Full Service IT Leader in Ukraine with 70+ IT Engineers in Kiev
  • Scalable, Agile Development with Dedicated Software Teams
  • Individual Recruitment Approach and Relocation Service
  • Stuttgart-based Contract Partner under German/EU law


Evolvice Group Evolvice GmbH is German owned and managed, with 70+ employees available for application development and software operations projects. We develop custom software as well as search and recruit individual software engineers and teams for our clients.

Application Development and Projects

When developing applications we make custom full cycle Web, desktop and Mobile enterprise software with the help of latest Microsoft technologies like C#/.Net ASP.Net MVC, WPF, WCF and Java.

Application Development and Operations

Evolvice is a Microsoft Application Development Partner developing custom built Modern ASP.NET Applications using:

  • ASP.NET, MVC, EF 6+7, Telerik UI controls
  • ASP.NET Web API, AngularJS
  • Javascript, Typescript, Bootstrap
  • EF 6+7, SQL 2008-2016, MySQL, T-SQL


We run Agile while helping clients:

  • Explore: Business Analysis, Technical Specification Workshops
  • Plan: Software Architecture, Requirements Analysis, UX Design, Agile Design
  • Build: Development, Integration, QA
  • Launch: Rollout Support, Launch
  • Run: Maintenance Operations, Support

Processes & Toolchain

Tools we use:

  • Agile, Scrum, Kanban
  • Visual Studio 2015
  • Quality: Code Reviews, Clean Code, Unit Testing, Automation Testing, Manual Testing
  • TeamCity (Continuous deployment / integration)

Our customers access intermediate updates to deployed demo test environments and:

  • Jira (Task & Agile management), Confluence (Requirements management)
  • Git (Source code management), Gitlab (Code review)


Our ASP.NET team currently (mid-2016) consists of 15 developers (All full stack Frontend / Backend) with:

  • 10 strong-expert knowledge ASP.NET MVC + Telerik UI) know-how
  • 10 strong-expert knowledge ASP.NET WebAPI + AngularJS Stack know-how
  • 4 Product Owners / Business Analysts / Project Managers
  • UI/UX Expert, Technical Writer, DevOps System Administrator, IT-Architect

IT Recruitment and Relocation

IT professional search for relocation to customer offices and customized recruitment of nearshore development teams is available in most popular technologies and platforms.

Evolvice Team provides software engineers in all in-demand technologies. Advantages of working with us are the following:

  • Individually assembled Teams, long-term
  • Quick Ramp-Up: 8-10 weeks for your own SCRUM Team
  • German Contract Partner / EU – law
  • Cost-efficient, savings up to 25%
  • German Project Management
  • Locations: Kiev and Lisbon
  • Cultural proximity, 2-3 hours flight time from most airports in Germany
  • Agile Coach, performance checks
  • Transparent business model


We recruit your team specifically according to your requirements. Our recruiters have many years of experience and a broad network of candidates. As part of our recruiting process, we test communication skills, technical competency as well as analytical and social skills.

All-Inclusive Development Team Service

We provide office space that matches German standards. This also includes computer hard- and software. This allows you to fully concentrate on your team and the realization of your product vision.

HR Management and Retention

To motivate the team it is important to spend time together face to face and provide a certain degree of supervision. We handle this type of activities for you. We also assist in performance reviews and performance evaluation. This allows our clients to focus on the key tasks and key decisions.

Relocation Search

In our recruiting process, we test communication skills, technical competence, analytical skills as well as social competence. The evaluation process is simple and experience tells that it works well. We are a software company and not a recruiting agency. Therefore we are in the position to have a more thorough selection.

Cultural Fit

The management team of the Evolvice Group has German roots and works partly in Ukraine. We have therefore a good understanding of the cultural differences and we know what German clients want. We bridge the cultural differences and achieve good results.

Technical Understanding

As we are a Software company and not a recruiting agency we know all the specifics of software development first hand. We, therefore, can assess technical competencies well.

Customers and Projects

German and international companies such as the Robert Bosch GmbH, Porsche AG, the WTS AG work with us or engage us on customer projects for Deutsche Post AG / DHL.

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Flexible project engagement models available:

  • Projects: Committed Scrum Sprint Goals, Fixed Price, Time & Material. Duration spans 100 to 1500 man-days
  • Developers: monthly salary + fixed fee for nearshore teams; one-time cost competitive to recruitment agencies for relocation to your in-house development center

What can we do for you?

Let us know your needs so we can expand your development capabilities today!

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  • Evolvice All Together

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