Application Development

Application Development

Custom web, desktop and mobile development with C#/.NET, Java and applicable technology stack. Full cycle Agile development from idea to implementation and support.

Application Operations

Application Operations

We provide more than code, but stand ready to help you get the most out of software developed for you with infrastructure, technical and help desk support services.

Peak Resources & Expertise

Peak Resources and Expertise

Individual software professionals and dedicated teams in a variety of computer engineering technologies and roles available on-demand on project basis.

Own Development Center

Own Development Center

You tell us what skill set and team composition you need. We then recruit professionals and provide our office space and facilities. You will lead the team according to your methodologies and your corporate culture.



There continues to exist a lack of IT professionals in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. To solve this problem a way forwards is to relocate professionals long-term from Ukraine to become full-time employees in your company.

Consulting in Agile Development

Consulting in Agile Development

To establish an Own Development Center can be a challenging task. We give you a helping hand to ensure success right from the beginning.

Software Development

Transform your business need from an idea into effective software with our full cycle application development service including consulting, planning, development, QA, testing and support with software operation.

Maintenance and Support

Expand the longevity and relevance of the enterprise applications developed for you with our optional service that keeps the software at the peak of performance with upgrades, customizations and maintenance.


Expand your development team capacity with our full- and part-time experts or teams experienced in UI/UX Design, Scrum, proxy product ownership, software quality assurance and testing on a project basis.

Post-Development Support and Operation

After the code has been written we provide full post-development support to enable the optimal software environment and operation.

Technical Support Desk

Turnkey live technical help centers for “power users” and/or end users will help you reduce the management burden while improving the quality of you software operations.

Hosting Environment Support

We can guarantee optimal hosting infrastructure for the applications we develop for you. Let our technology specialist support you in hosting of web applications, DNS, E-Mail solutions, SSL Certificates, etc.

Dedicated Software Development Team

We help you expand your existing software development capacity with any mix of onsite, offsite and nearshore resources available in the EU and/or Ukraine.

On-Premise IT Staffing

Our specialists can join your on-site software development teams for extended time, but without the disadvantages of employer-employee commitments.

IT Specialist Recruitment and Relocation

We identify experienced software specialists from Ukraine and can screen, interview and hire them for you, with work permits and relocation service.


We recruit your team specifically according to your requirements. Our recruiters have many years of experience and a broad network of candidates. As part of our recruiting process, we test communication skills, technical competency as well as analytical and social skills.

Facility Management

We provide office space that matches German standards. This also includes computer hard- and software. This allows you to fully concentrate on your team and the realization of your product vision.

HR management

To motivate the team it is important to spend time together face to face and provide a certain degree of supervision. We handle this type of activities for you. We also assist in performance reviews and performance evaluation. This allows our clients to focus on the key tasks and key decisions.

Recruiting Process

In our recruiting process we test communication skills, technical competence, analytical skills as well as social competence. The evaluation process is simple and experience tells that it works well. We are a software company and not a recruiting agency. Therefore we are in the position to have a more thorough selection.

Cultural Understanding

The management team of the Evolvice Group has German roots and works partly in Ukraine. We have therefore a good understanding of the cultural differences and we know what German clients want. We bridge the cultural differences and achieve good results.

Technical Understanding

As we are a Software company and not a recruiting agency we know all the specifics of software development first hand. We, therefore, can assess technical competencies well.

Requirements Workshop

To develop software efficiently, requirements need to be described in a structured way. This is not a standard routine at all companies. To ensure success with your Own Development Center we offer you workshops in which we elicit the requirements of your product vision together.

Agile Software Development with SCRUM

The agile method SCRUM is nowadays the most widespread agile methodology. On the other hand, many companies still work using the waterfall style. To benefit long-term from agile methodologies we offer our clients to obtain an introduction to SCRUM. This includes also the choice of development tools.

Processes to Increase Productivity

To increase the productivity of your team continuously an integrated approach is needed which covers the three aspects: People, Process and Technology. The aim is to embark on a continuous improvement process. We offer you to benefit from our experience.

Key Benefits for our Customers


Our development team is ready to start quickly and adjust work schedules dependent upon your project flow.


We enjoy working with enterprise software applications so much we’ve been doing it for 15 years.


Every customer is unique, so we adjust to different business and development processes, methods and schedules.


Manage your developers directly or let us do it for you, with full transparency and minimum bureaucracy.


Just like your own team, we aim to deliver on time, on budget and to exact standards.


We focus on practical problem solving with software, whether our customers “speak tech” or not.

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