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Advantages of using our Nearshore Center in Kiev

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Advantages of our Nearshore Center in Kiev, Ukraine

We are an established company with extensive experience in assembling and managing nearshore teams for our clients. Working with us offers:

  • Innovative development at 25% lower cost
  • Individually assembled teams in all technologies
  • Skilled developers, testers, engineers and other specialists
  • First candidates in 2 weeks, 6-8 week ramp-up and ramp-down
  • German quality standards with experienced German management
  • German contract partner and single monthly invoice in Euro

Skilled Software Developers Available

Historically strong educational focus on engineering and the sciences in Ukraine still encourages a high percentage of computer science graduates in a variety of modern programming fields.

Since the local economy does not provide enough employment opportunities, most graduates are hired by software development service providers working on projects for international customers.

The talent pool in 2016 is approximately 100.000 software developers growing by 9-10% annually. More than 40% of the specialists work in Kiev, where our development centers are located.

All Technologies Available

Specialists of all levels are available in most technologies and platforms: PHP, Java, J2EE .NET, Python, AngularJS, NodeJS, Android, iOS, HTML5, Unity3D, C/C++, Ruby, Xamarin, Scala, C#, JavaScript, Drupal, Erlang, Symfony, Perl, ColdFusion, Zend, Spring, Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Websphere, Sharepoint, SAP, Oracle, AWS, Azure, AppEngine, Heroku, Rackspace, etc.

Close Cultural Similarity

International companies operating in Ukraine experience far fewer cultural barriers with their local employees as compared to offshore outsourcing destinations, with employees here being more solution-oriented, collaborative and less process-driven. We understand potential cultural and communication issues, and we help customers avoid these problems.

Time Zone and Geographic Proximity

Ukraine’s time zone is only 1 hour different from CET, with barrier-free scheduling and communication during business hours. Travel time to Kiev is 2-4 hours from most European hubs, making it easier for in-person trips.


Get the Best Developers by Working with Evolvice

We offer the best developers to our clients with as much transparency, as fast and as easily as possible. This is our approach:

Individual assessment of customer needs

After interviews and a technical review of our customers’ capabilities, development processes and project requirements we find teams that are an excellent match, avoiding potential issues right from the start.

Ensuring the best match

We follow your recruitment process or offer a time-tested multi-level approach designed to find the best-fitting developers for your requirements and budget. We screen, interview and test candidates and identify the first possible matches in 2-4 weeks. Clients are encouraged to assign test tasks, ask for code samples prior to a face-to-face interview or a live coding session (virtual or in person).

Recruitment, market intelligence and process support

Customers are supported by Evolvice’s Account/HR Managers, who provide market intelligence, make candidate recommendations based on best practices, and support customers in any issues including salary negotiations.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Evolvice offers a transparent engagement model where customers pay the salaries of their dedicated developers and a stable monthly fee for having a remote office in Ukraine with full support, providing:

  • office space and workstation equipment with productivity and communications software
  • secured networks, IP telephones, conference rooms, kitchens, and comfy lounges
  • staff retention, administrative, tax, HR, payroll and the rest of back office support
  • corporate events and team building activities

Customers and their programmers enjoy daily support and consulting provided by account managers, HR specialists, system administrators, office managers and travel coordinators. We also offer Agile consulting as an extra service. Customers always know exactly how much our partnership costs and their development teams are always motivated, happy and productive.

Methodologies that deliver

While most of our customers follow Agile/Scrum methodologies, development teams follow the processes established at the customers’ head offices. Should customers need assistance to go Agile, our German Scrum Masters are experienced IT professionals available to train customers in leading nearshore teams and establish processes that maintain the quality of distributed development.

Data protection and security assurance

Most of our customer’s development team members store data on data protected servers within the EU. Evolvice follows standard measures to keep customer data, network, and employees secure. All our offices are equipped with access control systems, and customer teams are supported by our system administrators. We are able to implement additional security measures depending on customer needs.

Contract, legal matters and commitment

Evolvice strives to develop a low-stress, ongoing relationship as a software development provider of choice for all our customers. While the development team is custom built to customer specifications, Evolvice remains the service provider contractor that passes no employee obligations to customers. Evolvice Team GmbH is the contracting partner following German and EU law.

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