The price of loyalty: things Evolvice GmbH has copied from Apple

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The price of loyalty: things Evolvice GmbH has copied from Apple

There is a myth that acquiring best professionals, skill-wise, will create the best results for the project. What many forget is that projects are run by people. IT specialist work with technology which makes interesting deformation in psyche making them more likely to acquire semi-machine-like traits on the surface. However, on a deeper level these traits are much more in connection with miscommunication. One can have the best skill set, efforts and work ethic and still fail the project miserably.


Basic look into human psyche gives us the understanding that while money provides us with basic stability in life, it doesn’t give us much else. People have needs and good company provides more than just stable money flow into one’s pocket.


To understand how to motivated your company employees are one needs to understand what needs people can have. Tony Robbins, being probably the best motivational speaker in the world, divided human needs into 6 categories:


1) Certainty

2) Uncertainty/Variety

3) Significance

4) Love/Connection

5) Growth

6) Contribution


Looking at these, you think how does that help me in any form or manner? Be patient with me, cuz this can transform your company just as Tony Robbins transforms people’s lives.


The difference between company that succeeds and the one that fails is in the way it treats people. Happy loyal people work better. The company that fulfills all the needs of a person is a treasure. So how does one do that?


  1. People need to be certain about a bunch of stuff. Money being one of them. They also need to be certain that they are not going to be fired or cut tomorrow.


  1. Routine kills everything. While any job has a fair share of routine, if it is all you can give, nobody is going to be excited about Monday mornings.  Do you have new exciting technologies and projects for the team? Is your company exploring new ideas and markets?


  1. Nobody likes to feel like a piece of machine, just another tool replaced at any moment. Can you make people feel like their effort, skills and amount of overtime on the project matters for the company and there is a measurable value to it?


  1. What does your HR do? Do they mediate your employees’ conflicts? Do your Leads work as leaders or as bosses?


  1. Can your company in all honesty say that its employees become better, as a result of working in the company? Do they learn new stuff and improve as professionals or do they need some time off getting back into college just to repair the damage your company has done?


  1. People need to give back. That is never an option, it is a need. Can your employees make real changes to the company that will improve its policies and work?


It all starts with the leads and project managers. What makes a good leader and manager is not pure skill but the standards they have. To be a leader is to have the highest standards in the group. Boss manages and leader inspires. There is one reason Apple succeeds – they all together decided to have higher standards than anybody else. They created a level of quality nobody had before. That is why they had product which blew up.



How does one feel when making something truly special – they feel special. Apple decided to go with something new, so they had plenty of variety in what they did. Apple has offices nobody wants to leave and spends a ton on HR department and retention specialist. What I am saying is that at Apple people feel like they have stable interesting work where they do something that matters, where they matter and can grow and give back. When a company fulfills all the 6 needs employees become raging fans of the company. Raging fan will protect, shield and work for the sake of the company’s success.


How does Evolvice strive to recreate this Raging Fan team – by creating our own standards higher than what our customer expects. We suggest a new technology and insist on it being the best for the project.


There is a reason for it, because we are looking for your project to succeed and not fail on some old junk everybody knows is outdated and plain boring. We have learning sessions with our employees to improve their growth rate and connection to the project.


Evolvice GmbH lets the employees assume more responsibilities and trust them to deliver the standard that exceed our expectations. We are not ashamed to copy and learn from other companies.


What we want to maintain is company for which every coming project is something to have the highest passion for. So please, do contact us only when you value success of the project over stereotypes about what IT team is supposed to be. Evolvice knows all of that!